ARM Cortex M3

NOTE: I don’t plan anymore to use some ARM uC nor toolchain, I’ve switched to microchip line of products…

I will share here my notes about prototyping and developping for the NXP LPC17xx ARM Cortex M3 microcontrollers using open source tools.

I’m not a professional developer, nor a veteran ARM expert, so browse the following informations with a grain of salt.

You are of course welcome to contact me about errors, improvements : lordnio101(at)

Getting started with ARM Cortex M3 and GNU

1) Install the development kit

2) Build a sample C project

3) Hardware prototyping

4) Programmer / debugger

Recommended readings

Building bare-metal ARM systems with GNU.

The definitive guide to ARM Cortex M3.

The GNU help files and CodeSourcery documents installed along with the G++ Lite package are some reference documents too.

NXP reference documents and application notes for LPC17xx.

You can browse my Cortex-related bookmarks on delicious.

Where to get some help ?

The Sparkfun ARM/LPC forum is a good place to get some support.

The Yahoo! LPC2000 Group dedicated to LPC ARM group is another fine place to be. has an interesting ARM programming with gcc/gnu tools forum.

How to keep updated ?

Use Google Reader on the previous forums.

NXP has a LPCZone Twitter feed.