Hardware prototyping

Here are my solutions for prototyping with NXP Cortex M3 uC…

The hard way

This is the cheapest way, but not the easiest nor the quickest.

The idea is to buy the raw components and to use a Schmartboard  QFP adapter board (32-100 pins, 0.5mm pitch) to solder the ARM cortex M3 uC without requiring SMD soldering skills.

Here is the schematic and the resulting prototype :

In France, the LPC1756 uC costs 6 euro and the Schmartboard adapter 10 euro, so this is quite a cheap prototyping solution.

But it will take a lot of time to solder and double-check every pin…

When I started this, no prototyping board was available, excerpt for those costing more than a few hundreds of dollars.

But recently, some “affordable” prototyping board have appeared…

Olimex 1766 STK

This board has everything I need for my projects and the price makes it “affordable” for me (about 100 euro) :

I’ve just received mine, and I will test it ASAP…

NGX Blueboard

This one is much more limited in terms of features, but its price makes it the cheapest target board currently available : $33.

There may and will be other solutions, but those one give a good view of what can be done…

Well, now that we have a prototyping board, the next step will be to setup the tools needed for programming and debugging… (coming soon!)

adapter board