Koï Cam ! (^_^)

I’ve just installed an IP camera to monitor my Koï carps!
Here they are… enjoy the live feed! (^_^)


The IP cam is a NETCAT model, with a full HD 1/2.8 SONY CMOS sensor (but I didn’t open it to check that). Mine is ethernet only but Wifi model are alse available… The image quality, the 0lux and IR usage are very good, especially considering its low price of 70€ (bought on ebay directly from HK).
It provides you with 3 realtime streams with different resolutions and bitrates, using RTSP or RTMP(flash) protocols: no direct HTTP streaming here! That’s the main drawback of this product…
VLC can be used to view the RTSP streams, while an open source player like Strobe Media Playback can be used to integrate the video stream into a web page (that’s what I did for this post).

Next step: make a desktop screensaver with the live feed…

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